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Bristol Phoenix – September 26-27, 2001
Along the Waterfront

The latest from Goetz Custom Sailboats rolled out of the shop recently for the start of a cross country highway journey to California.

Pegasus 55, a 55-foot racer/cruiser was built for Californian Philippe Kahn and will enable him to cruise at a speed resembling that of flat-out racers.

The white-hulled boat boasts a strong but lightweight carbon fiber hull that, even with the concession of a wood interior, weighs half as much as a comparably sized Swan sailboat. As a result, it will be considerably more speedy, said Goetz spokesman Hale Walcoff.

The yacht’s designer is Alan Andrews and the project manager is David Lake of Bristol.

Pegasus 55 rolled over and ready for the deck to be fitted.
Billy Black Photograph

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