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This project was the third of five successful projects representing Philippe Kahn. The goals of this project were to simplify sail handling systems, upgrade deck hardware and to fit a new cabin house.

David Lake Yachting Projects was represented on site daily by associate Robert Vaughan. The refit was undertaken at Dencho Marine in Long Beach. Design and engineering aspects were handled by Alan Andrews and overall project management was supervised by David Lake.

Project Management services provided included:

  • Overall planning.
  • Scheduling.
  • Budget preparation.
  • Invoice review.
  • Design and engineering co ordination between the designer and builder.
  • On site project supervision.
  • Hiring of sub contractors.

Specific aspects of the refit included:

  • Complete exterior painting to included new graphics.
  • Modify navigation station.
  • Electronic upgrade.
  • Fit new cabin sole.
  • Cabin house rebuilding.
  • Deck hardware replacement or servicing.
  • Build and fit new spars.
  • Removing all unnecessary interior equipment to reduce weight.
  • Rebuilding of structural components.
  • Installing a new steering system.
  • Complete electronics review and upgrade.
  • Revised crew stowage areas.
  • Rework electrical systems to include new batteries.
  • New sail inventory.

Navigation Station