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SWAN 44 Chasseur

Well known East Coast yachtsman, Frank Snyder, hired David Lake Yachting Projects to manage an extensive refit of the latest Chasseur. This represents the third major project for this client.

The scope of the project included salvaging a partially sunk yacht, re fairing hull lines aft of station five, re ballast and update the sail plan with a modern carbon spar package three feet taller than original.

The work was carried out at two yards: Pilots Point and Little Harbor over a twelve month period. Sparkman and Stephens were responsible for design changes along with engineering oversight as required.

The culmination of this project was a successful North American Swan Championship in Newport, Rhode Island.

Project management services provided included:

  • Overall planning.
  • Scheduling.
  • Invoice review.
  • Design and engineering coordination between the designer and the two yards.
  • On site project supervision.
  • Spar specification review

Specific aspects of the refit included:

  • Yard supervision.
  • Interior restoration to original specifications.
  • Electronic upgrade.
  • New foils including a deep keel.
  • Complete deck hardware revision.
  • Build and fit new spars.
  • Fresh and salt water plumbing upgraded.
  • Rebuilding of structural components.
  • Installing a new steering system.
  • Rework electrical systems to include new batteries.
  • New sail inventory.

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